7-Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels for your 2014 reading list.

Words of Radiance

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Words of Radiance, March 4th

Book 2 of the Stormlight Archive. the highly anticipated sequel to The Way of Kings is at the top of my personal list. Bringing us back to the world filled with Spren as the war against the Parshendi escaltes on the shattered plains, and with the assassin in white gutting nobility and power all over the world is now targeting Dalinar the arguably the real power behind the Alethi throne.  Kaladin, who has sworn to protect Dalinar and the king, is  struggling to master his new windrunner powers while keeping them secret, has also been elevated from a branded slave to the new royal guard commander. For more information on this series check out our review here.

Shattered, by Kevin Hearne
Shattered, by Kevin Hearne

Shattered, June 17th

Our favorite 2100 year-old druid Atticus O’Sullivan, or Siodhachan O Suileabhain as the gods know him, returns in Shattered. For the first time in 2000 years earth has not just 1 but 3 druids roaming the planes. Granuaile, finally tattooed and bonded to the earth, has become a full druid. Owen, Atticus’ old Archdruid, released from time. The fledgling grove are becoming a force to be reckoned with. With the final battle against the Norse god Loki and Ragnarök on the horizon, with the fate of earth as we know it hanging in the wind, the trio bands together.

Half a King by Joe Abercrombie
Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

Half a King, July 8th

Yarvi the second son of a warrior king has 1 good hand, while only half a man in the eyes of his father he is set to start a calling in the ministry where his weakness and disability can be overcome or at least wouldn’t hamper his duties. But when the king and his older brother are killed the Black Chair falls on Yarvi. Yarvi needs to find a way to rule or the kingdom may fall apart or without a king at all.


The Outsourcer's Apprentice by Tom Holt

The Outsourcer’s Apprentice by Tom Holt

The Outsorcerer’s Apprentice, July 15th

So you’re a wizard and you discover parallel worlds, crazy Right? Absolutely – but with infinite resources, business acumen, and a dash of entrepreneurship it all spelled money. But when you have a horde of disgruntled goblin laborers, a pissed off dragon slayer, complaining about “benefits” and “reasonable work conditions” and now a guy who unknowingly starts to tear the fabric of the universe, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be in for a bumpy ride.

The Outsourcer's Apprentice by Tom Holt

The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

The Broken Eye,
Aug 26th

Book 3 of the Lightbringer series. With Gavin, the Prism,  having lost the ability to draft and imprisoned on a pirate galley, the old gods are awakening. Kip now having lost the protection of his father will have to quickly master his colors as the war between noble houses, religious factions, and the order of hidden assassins: The Broken Eye starts to escalate. All while Kip’s grandfather, who is no longer a red color wight maneuvers to choose the next prism and take power.

Lock In by John Scalzi

Lock In by John Scalzi

Lock In Aug 26th

When a virus sweeps through the world leaving 1.7 million American fully aware and conscious but in an other wise vegetative state, including the President’s wife and daughter, the United States moves quickly to find a cure and help its people. Virtual reality systems are developed that allows the nation’s “locked in” to interact with other people again, but also leads to the discovery that a few have brains that are susceptible to true mind control, where someone can “ride” another persons body controlling them as if it was their own. The Government is quick to regulate this new ability, however that doesn’t prevent people abusing or murdering others for their personal or political gain.

Armada by Ernest Cline

Armada by Ernest Cline

Armada, Oct 7

Ok so Armada may not actually come out this year but its been far to long since Ready Player One came out and easily made my personal top 10, that I’m going crazy waiting for Ernest Cline’s latest novel. With the movie rights already sold to Warner Brothers, and it being heralded as another 80’s nostalgia trip along the lines of the Last Starfighter. I have my alerts set for more announcements at armada-book.com. Ernest if you’re reading this I wouldn’t mind getting a chapter or two…


ASSAIL, August 6th

After 14th Malazan books we finally get a glimpse in the mysteries of ASSAIL, after the ice melts, ASSAIL is at long last revealing its secrets. A continent rumored to be flowing with gold, but also known as some of the most inhospitable area of the world, with creatures roaming is earth not seen since the dawn of the world itself and locals that meet and strangers at the point of a sword. Still ASSAIL’s hard reputation does not stop the influx of explorers and opportunist a like from testing their luck on its shores. However for the Crimson Guard this land holds answers they seek, secrets and mysteries that are better left alone.

If you feel like I’ve missed a novel that has to be on your 2014 science fiction and fantasy reading list feel free to let me know below:

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2 Responses to 7-Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels for your 2014 reading list.

  1. Alice Leiper says:

    Looking interesting. But what about Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence. I’ve got that on pre-order. Looks like it’ll be fun.

    • miguel says:

      It’s funny you should mention that, on the recommendation of good friend I recently (last week, I’m about a third through) picked up Prince of Thorns, and have just steped in the Broken Empire Trilogy. It has kept my attention thus far, and Prince of Fools is definitely on my radar.

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