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Lost in Grey

February 15, 2014 • Blog - Ender's Endeavors, Lifestyle • Views: 2347

I’m going to honest, I’m burned out. Dead as a door nail, stick a fork in me, I’m done.

I’m stressed out, but not from one particular task or subject. I come home mentally exhausted, and usually with a headache. This isn’t anything new, everyone gets burned out from time to time, but my usual management techniques just don’t work anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I put on a good face but I’m dead inside. I get accolades and awards for my work. I make time for my hobbies every other weekend yet I feel unfulfilled. This isn’t depression, depression is an old companion of mine. Depression I could handle, mange, and live with. I’ve always been a self-starter, but what I lack is a more important, a goal. I’m fighting complacency, I’m satisfied with what I have accomplished thus far and I struggle to want more.

So I’m going to attempt to do the impossible, automate as much of my life as possible. Hopefully in the end I’ll be able to reclaim my life from what feels like a montage of grey nothingness. So how am I going to do this?

  1. Identify fruitless tasks. (I’ll get into what I consider fruitful later)                           
  2. Identify meaningful activities, things that bring me happiness
  3. Eliminate or cut sources of stress.

Hopefully it works.

You know those things you do to kill time? I’m not talking about reading a book or similar. Reading lets me escape from myself for a while and therefore fruitful. I’m talking about meaning less tasks. In my case, I surf the web like a zombie. I’ll hop on Reddit to kill the time from dinner to sleep or watch vines until they repeat. These are some of my fruitless tasks, they are time sinks for the sake of time sinks.

Things that bring me happiness, things I enjoy:

  • Reading/listening to a book.
  • Skiing
  • Messing around with tech.

These are all things that let me recharge, feel accomplished, and allow me to smile. Granted I can’t ski year round in my area, and I haven’t had time to fiddle around with new tech or read as often as I would like, but that the point of this. I want to cut or drop the “social fat” in my life and promote more positives. Stay tuned for more.

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