Hello world!

Hello World

August 1, 2013 • Blog - Ender's Endeavors • Views: 1759

Hello everyone, so this is my first post to what I guess will be my blog. I guess my current focus is mostly just getting this site up and running completely I’m still working out the page layouts and sections I want. This blog section will be my place to write down my thoughts and ramblings on various topics. These topics will probably be very broad in scope as I am interested in many things so I hope you check back often for new content. My interests include but are not limited to: Snowsports, Cyber Security, Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, gadgets & gizmos, and much much more.

I also have various projects and areas of interests I’m currently exploring. Eventually I want to put out a road map mainly so that I can keep my endeavors organized but also in case you would like to know where my projects are currently and where they are heading. I’m a bit of a night owl (read insomniac) so most new content will probably be late a night (EST) after normal work hours.


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